Story Tribes Retreat Scholarship

We are offering a scholarship for 1 person to attend each of our video storytelling and adventure entrepreneurship retreats. 

These scholarships are given to local community leaders and social entrepreneurs who are tight for cash.

Preference is given for those who will take what they learn at the retreat and spread the storytelling practices to other social changemakers in their community.

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Question 1 of 7

1. What are you doing in your local community to serve others and create a better world?

Question 2 of 7

2. Which Story Tribes Retreat would like to attend and why do you want be there?

Question 3 of 7

3. What makes you different from everyone else applying for this scholarship?

Question 4 of 7

4. What has been your single biggest accomplishment so far in your career?

Question 5 of 7

5. What are your long-term goals?

Question 6 of 7

6. Please include a link to your website or your most active public social media profile.

Question 7 of 7

7. How will this scholarship and 7-day retreat experience benefit you and help you improve and better serve your community?

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