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Story Tribe Costa Rica: Video Storytelling Retreat

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A 7-day learning by doing immersion from Monday, February 17th to Sunday, February 23rd, 2019.


In the surf town of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.


Craft a distinctive brand story and collaborate with other passionate storytelling creators.

What Is A Story Tribe?

Join a small group of adventurous creators who want to stimulate their creative mindset and craft meaningful brand-driven stories that get shared.


Do You Have Something Special That The World Needs?

Then it's your job to communicate the value of what you have to offer to the right people so you can make your creative vision a reality.

The best way to do this is through brand storytelling, which gives you the structure and clear sequence of events necessary to communicate a powerful message that will be understood, remembered and shared.

This video storytelling retreat is designed to help you get strategic about growing your brand and laser-focused on implementing your creative vision.

Get outside your comfort zone and become more confident in using video to communicate your brand story, share your expertise and document your journey.

Video is the most powerful visual medium for expressing yourself in a compelling way. It gets the most reach and the highest engagement on each of the social networks that dominate our attention today: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

We live in a golden age for creative leaders who have the courage to step up because communication has been democratized thanks to our smartphones.

The iPhone or Android in your pocket has everything you need to make high-quality videos whenever inspiration strikes.

During this 7-day Story Tribe Costa Rica experience, you will immerse yourself in the local Tico culture, surf the local waves, and explore the mountainous jungles and white sands around nearby Bocas Del Toro in Panama.

This "learning by doing" storytelling retreat is the catalyst you need to step up your game and tell compelling stories that resonate.

The Story Tribe Curriculum:

Dedicate yourself to learning brand storytelling techniques and sharing your knowledge and expertise through your own video storytelling.

You will spend 5-days in brand strategy planning and video implementation workshops followed by 2-days participating in and filming a group ecotourism adventure in Panama's Bocas Del Toro archipelago.

1. Brand Positioning: Building Trust and Authority

To prepare prior to arrival at the retreat, you will receive, in advance, our 7-step Brand Storytelling Framework training so you can start crafting a brand story. 

This way when you arrive in Mexico, you will be able to hit the ground running and make that story come to life.

A good brand story is an introductory conversation between you and your target audience about the benefit that you can provide them or the problem you can solve for them.

To speak to people's needs and capture their attention you need a carefully crafted message.

On the first day of the retreat, you will present your draft brand story and with the help of our storytelling guide and the collective experience of the group, we'll help you refine it to achieve greater impact.

In refining your brand story, you will learn how to plan, implement and measure a results-oriented process: the building of a relationship with someone entirely through video and Internet-driven content.

When you have a compelling story to help people understand and engage with your brand, it becomes much easier to build the trust and authority necessary to sell authentically.

2. Sales Training: Strategic Planning, Pre-Selling and Results-Based Pricing

The sad truth rarely mentioned is that 90% of online businesses, courses and products never reach profitability… even after many entrepreneurs spend years of their blood, sweat and tears in the process.

You can avoid this pitfall by putting your brand story and offer in front of potential customers so you can validate that you have what's called Product-Market fit.

This means that you are targeting the right people with the right messaging and the right solution to their problems.

It sounds simple but it's not. Most startups and entrepreneurs fail to validate their product-market fit and live in a world of untested assumptions that become costly illusions.

That's why pre-selling is so important and finding product-market fit before you run a big marketing launch or a highly leveraged ad campaign.

To get more value from your time by "productizing" your expertise through more scalable products or services you need to find this product-market fit and the right unique value proposition turns shoppers into buyers.

Another thing you will do in the pre-training for the retreat is to map out a clearly-defined customer avatar so you can draft a narrative-driven brand script that speaks directly to their needs while avoiding the cliche marketing copy that can turn many people off.

With both your initial brand story and customers avatar ready to go, you will arrive at the retreat fully prepared to refine your draft into a story-driven buyer’s journey that will quickly establish trust and authority.

3. Marketing Automation: Building A Brand Story-Driven Funnel

Without training in digital marketing, sales psychology and brand storytelling most people struggle to reach the right audience online.

If you don’t have a marketing funnel that educates, qualifies and sells for you then you're going to either struggle to grow or lose control of your growing business.

At the retreat, you will learn how to strategically map out and start implementing a brand-driven storytelling funnel based on our Story Funnels methodology.

Essentially, a marketing funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to measure, improve and optimize your customer’s buying journey. This gives you the predictable, repeatable and scalable sales process that you need to run online ads and grow your business.

You will get one-on-one coaching and group coaching sessions to help you strategically plan a video-driven marketing funnel for your website using our Story Funnels methodology. 

Unlike other training programs and online courses that are much more sizzle than steak, you won't be overwhelmed with strategy and tactics that you would struggle to implement successfully on your own. 

You’ll come to the retreat ready to implement thanks to our pre-training and you’ll be coached in the crucial development process of your marketing funnel.

This way you can facilitate the 5-10 interaction touchpoints necessary to build enough trust and authority to sell authentically at scale.

Learn Our Brand Storytelling Methodology 

Watch our 45-minute Story Tribes webinar where you will learn how we use brand storytelling to craft a brand story that captivates, educates and sells.

With a clear and concise brand story speaking directly to your target audience, you can build a predictable sales system that you can scale with content marketing and social media ads.

Watch The Webinar

4. Conversion Optimization: Web Funnel Analytics For Facebook and Google

A marketing funnel that qualifies, educates and sells only works if you have strategic methods and web analytics implemented to measure, improve and optimize it.

The ongoing process of converting viewers into buyers or "conversion optimization" is a critical part of performance-driven digital marketing that must be learned from someone with technical skills in web analytics and the best practices to follow for building landing pages, copywriting and conversion optimization.

During the retreat, you will learn how to properly setup Facebook's Pixel and Google Analytics so you have detailed conversion data and step-by-step funnel analytics to start measuring the success of your online advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

This makes it easy to measure your buyer's journey to see where prospects are losing interest, getting confused and "leaking" out of your marketing funnel.

This is an absolutely crucial digital marketing skill to start learning if you want to make your online ads work. If you have to hire a skilled digital marketing professional to do this and manage your ads for you it will be very expensive.

5. Lifestyle Design: Designing Your Life Based Around Natural Rhythms

Many entrepreneurs and social media creators end up feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a loop of procrastination and prone to bouts of exhaustion and burnout.

To beat the odds in a competitive market, you must strategically design a lifestyle where you have the time, energy and mental resources to consistently feel your best and perform at your highest level.

During the retreat, you’ll learn how to use Flow Psychology to design habits and daily rituals based around natural rhythms that give you an energy advantage.

On the last two days of the retreat, all attendees will participate in an experiential learning challenge to film an ecotourism adventure in nearby Huatulco National Park.

During this 2-day experience, you will get to unplug from the Internet so you can be fully present, tune into the natural world and document your experience with video storytelling.

If you want to earn a good, six figures income without driving yourself crazy, then a healthy lifestyle with enough free time to learn, create and explore is an absolute necessity.

This way you can keep a clear head to focus on your long term goals and not get caught up in the short term trap of seeking instant gratification and the latest social media hype.

6. Social Tribe Dynamics: Mentoring, Community and Leadership

In today’s fast changing world where old ideas and business models are easily disrupted and left in ruin, the ultimate competitive advantage is your ability to learn and collaborate.

The digital age is demanding a new kind of human being who is self-educating and constantly learning through apprenticeship, mentoring and coaching to stay accountable to their long term goals.

The best athletes, social media creators and entrepreneurs always find coaches and mentors who keep them accountable in becoming the best versions of themselves.

It is equally important for independent workers to realize that to continually learn and grow, they need the community and accountability provided by creative leaders, coaches and mentors.

At the retreat, you will learn the power of social tribe dynamics for building stronger communities and how to use storytelling to build your tribe and become a more engaging teacher, leader and mentor.

You will meet other entrepreneurs who can hold you accountable for stepping up to realize your creative leadership potential and you will discover best practices for mentoring,  tracking progress and group accountability masterminds.

Once you build a strong community and a sense of belonging in your tribe, your loyal brand evangelists will help spread your brand story for you.

7. The Flow Mindset: Elimination, Automation and Delegation

Finally, we’ll get into what we call the Flow Mindset.

Flow is the psychology of optimal experience and the study of how we feel and perform our best.

Understanding what gets you into flow is crucial for long-term success as a social media creator and engaging storytelling.

To consistently get into focused states of immersion in your work, you will need to create habits and rituals that block unnecessary distractions, delegate responsibility, and eliminate interruptions.

If you struggle with focus and procrastination then developing your Flow Mindset can help you overcome your mental obstacles and perform at a higher level with consistency.

Creating rituals for achieving flow in your work and video storytelling is crucial for making unscripted videos and becoming a great storyteller who can engage a global audience.

Bocas Del Toro Ecotourism Storytelling Adventure

For the last two days of this weeklong video storytelling experience, we will visit the spectacular Bocas Del Toro archipelago and learn about the unique ecology and biodiversity of this area. You will document you experience and film your own adventure.

Learn More About Bocas Del Toro

About The Guide

Kyle Pearce is from Vancouver, Canada and he has over a decade of experience working with startup founders, marketing executives and small business owners to craft digital content strategies for their brands.

For the last 7 years, he has run an online learning website called DIY Genius teaching students how to become more focused, digitally creative and self-motivated.

He built his first website in 2003 and he has worked in digital marketing since 2009 and online education since 2011. Kyle is a proven do-it-yourself learner who loves to teach and share his methods and creative projects.

He is a full-stack marketer, which means he is skilled in designing landing pages, conversion optimization, link building, marketing automation systems, web analytics, brand storytelling and running performance-based Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.

He is passionate about self-education, empowering creative people and teaching forest ecology and sensory immersion meditation practices in the wilderness.

Where Will We Be Learning, Filming, Coworking, Sleeping and Eating?

We are excited to be hosting this video storytelling experience at Selina Puerto Veijo, a game changing co-living environment designed for entrepreneurs, creative artists, and digital nomads.

Once you arrive in Puerto Viejo at Selina Coliving everything is included.

You just have to confirm your spot and book your flight to the closest airport just outside the town: Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) in San José, Costa Rica.

Inexpensive flights are available from major Canadian and American cities that pass through Mexico City.

It takes about 4 hours on the bus to get from the airport to Puerto Viejo.

We ask that you please arrive on Sunday, February 16th in order to be part of an essential introductory  storytelling initiation circle at 9 pm the night before the retreat begins.

At the Selina Puerto Veijo location, you will enjoy delicious plant-based meals, fresh tropical fruit smoothies each morning, all the coffee and espressos you can drink and your own private room with a comfy bed so you'll sleep like a baby.

Also included are yoga classes, meditation, breathwork training and surfing lessons on Puerto Veijo's great surfing beaches for those who want to surf in the early morning and evening high tides with other participants.

Our educational philosophy is based on learning by doing and taking action immediately. For each of the first 5 days, at 9 a.m. there will be 2-hour brand strategy sessions and at 2 p.m. there will be 3-hour video storytelling implementation workshops to immediately implement what you learned in the morning.

You will come away from this retreat a much more confident and dynamic, creative storyteller.

In the evenings, you will have the opportunity to relax. We will also explore and tour the local cultural, arts and music scenes with local social media creators in Puerto Veijo.

All of the transportation at the retreat is included along with the 2-day ecotourism experience along the beaches and in the mountains of nearby Bocas Del Toro.

We care about reducing our ecological footprint. For every participant we will plant 100 trees on your behalf through a reforestation project in Madagascar that we crowdfund. This will help offset the carbon footprint of your flight.

About Selina Puerto Veijo

We will be staying at Selina Puerto Veijo. Selina is a global network of coliving and coworking communities that now has over 60 locations in 15 countries.

Learn More About Selina Puerto Veijo

Join This Story Tribe Costa Rica Experience

It takes 10-15 minutes to complete a helpful brand strategy assessment process and apply to see if this is the right fit for you.

Questions? Please use the chat module or email us.




7-Nights Accommodation At Selina Puerto Veijo

Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner For 7 Days

2-Hour Classroom Brand Storytelling Immersion Seasons Each Morning For 5 Days

3-Hour Afternoon Brand Story Implementation Filming Sessions With Coaching and Support For 5 Days

2-Day Ecotourism Video Storytelling Adventure

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7-Nights Accommodation At Selina Puerto Veijo

Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner For 7 Days

2-Hour Classroom Brand Storytelling Immersion Seasons Each Morning For 5 Days

3-Hour Brand Story Implementation Filming Sessions With Coaching and Support Each Afternoon For 5 Days

2-Day Ecotourism Video Storytelling Adventure

Higher Pricing Starts January 1st

Join Story Tribe Costa Rica

It takes 10-15 minutes to complete a helpful brand strategy assessment process and apply to see if this is the right fit for you.


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