Creative Flow: How To Naturally Feel And Perform Your Best 

Discover how to use the psychology of flow to amplify your focus and elevate your mood so you can consistently feel and perform your best.

Hosted by Kyle Pearce,  Learning Experience Designer at Social Creators

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Why You Should Attend This Live Creative Flow Training Webinar

Why Creative Flow? Because this live training will help you create flow in your life.

Flow — also known as being "in the zone" — is an optimal state of consciousness, 
a state of mind where we can both feel and perform 
our best.

In this fun and interactive webinar, you will learn how to apply cutting edge neuroscience and flow psychology research to design flow experiences that enhance the quality of your life.

We will explore how you can find what  works best for you through the experimental process of experiential learning and how you can improve your mental performance without taking expensive drugs or supplements.

Here's what this live webinar experience will be covering:

1. Why We Get Hooked On the Wrong Things

Never in human history has unlimited instant gratification been at our fingertips in the form of fast food, drugs and digital screens. The result is a plague of compulsive behavior that eventually leads many to overwhelm, addiction and burnout.

We'll explore how to break free from artificial highs that drain your energy and replace them with natural highs that create long-term satisfaction and fulfillment.

This way can design your own flow experiences and actively create more flow in your life.

2. Flow Psychology And The Science of Happiness

Decades of scientific research into peak states, happiness and the psychology of flow has illuminated a path to a creative life that matters based on applying the psychology of intrinsic motivation to reach the highest levels of success and enjoyment.

We'll cover the essence of what you need to know to start optimizing your daily experience for elevated focus, creativity and self-motivation.

3. How To Get Out of Your  Own Way And Get Into A State of Flow

There are many natural ways that are sustainable long-term to help you consistently get in a state of flow.

to improve your self-motivation, increase your brain's supply of important neurochemicals and get in altered states of highly creative consciousness through attention training.

4. Designing A Purpose-Driven Creative Life That Matters

We'll cover some of the key habits, mindset principles and flow-enhancing practices you can design into your daily experience so you will have the energy, confidence and motivation to consistently get in a state of flow.

It's time to find your focus in this world of distraction!

Don't miss this great opportunity to participate in a live interactive webinar where you will learn how to better harness the power of focus, creativity, and self-motivation in your life.

This will be a fun, educational and participatory group experience so makes sure you sign up now and  show up early ready to pay close attention and learn!

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce is an experiential learning designer, futurist and creativity educator who helps people harness the power of their creative gifts using the psychology of flow.

He started the website DIY Genius in 2011 to advance self-directed learning by teaching the digital skills that provide the freedom to learn and work anywhere.

He has enrolled over 10,000 students in his online programs from 65 countries since he began making online courses in 2013.

Naturally Feel And Perform Your Best

Discover how to use the psychology of flow to amplify your focus, elevate your mood, and get in a creative state of flow where you can feel and perform your best.

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