Digital Marketing Coach and Brand Storytelling Strategist

We are hiring a digital marketing coach who specializes in brand storytelling, content marketing and creating measurable ROI for online businesses.

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Work From Anywhere

This job is 100% remote. We want to hire someone who shares our philosophy of adventure and storytelling.

Creativity Matters

We only work with social media creators that live and breathe their art with an active personal Instagram account too.

Communication Skills

We want someone who loves to connect with people, comment and build relationships much more than just get likes or follows.

Are You The Right Person To Conduct Strategy Calls With Our Clients?

We hate traditional resumes and cover letters. Please only apply if you have good examples of how you've driven business results (sales and leads) from websites and social media.

Job Description:

We are a skilled digital marketing professional with a track record for producing scalable growth and ROI for online businesses.

Skills & Requirements:

Please read this entire job posting carefully before applying.

  • Built online audiences for businesses on Facebook Instagram or YouTube
  • Skilled in strategy and tactics for improving leads and sales from websites.
  • Knowledge of Facebook and Google Ads and web analytics suites for tracking results.
  • Great visual storytelling ability, good copywriting skills and engaging caption writing skills.
  • Social proof, references or case studies that demonstrate the business results you've achieved.
  • An active personal account that shows you love what you do and that you're an interesting and dynamic person who likes adventure.
  • Bonus point if you're familiar with the Kajabi, a knowledge commerce system for online course creators.


  • You will be trained to give coaching calls for our clients.
  • Online support and documenting processes for our 3 online learning communities.
  • Outreach to social media influencers.
  • Ability to engage people with engaging comments (without using any bots).


Salary Range:

When applying please let us know what you believe your knowledge and skills are worth.

We will pay you an hourly rate or a negotiated salary in U.S. dollars bi-weekly. If you exceed your targets and meet stretch goals we set together, you will also earn significant bonuses.


How To Apply:

To apply, please complete the assessment at the bottom and give us a pitch of specifically how you have driven high growth and leads for online businesses.

We want someone that loves community engagement and is willing to reach out to social media influencers and build relationships where both sides win.

If that's you, please apply now.

Please note that we will only respond to applicants if we have decided to schedule an interview.

Apply For This Digital Marketing Coach and Brand Storytelling Strategist Position

We are hiring a digital marketing coach who specializes in brand storytelling, content marketing and creating measurable ROI for online businesses.


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