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Learn how to achieve a single-minded focus where you can learn faster, get more done and continually perform at your best.

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Find Your Focus In A World of Distraction

Develop a results-oriented mindset, along with social accountability and daily rituals you need to consistently feel your best and perform at your highest level.

Overcome your mental obstacles by getting to the root of anxiety and procrastination so you can eliminate interruptions and get in a focused state of immersion when you're working and learning.

Follow an actionable roadmap for setting meaningful goals and develop a personalized action plan for overcoming your productivity obstacles and making your creative vision for your life a tangible reality in the next year.

Everything I teach in Flow Experience Design has been fine-tuned and optimized over the last 5 years to make it as simple as possible, yet highly effective.

All of the learning curriculum is based on my 5 years of teaching flow psychology through online training programs and 4 years of leading outdoor learning experiences based around group flow principles.

I have accumulated my knowledge of flow psychology and optimal performance through constant experimentation in following my own daily flow rituals and teaching what I have learned to thousands of students from 65 countries since I started teaching online in 2013.

Save yourself a lot of time and money by getting to the root of distraction and procrastination so you can use the psychology of optimal experience to live a creative life built on passion and purpose.

Follow my instructional video modules and step-by-step action guides to plan out your long-term creative vision and achieve major goals in the next 365 days.

Focus is the greatest superpower. Break free from the mental chains of continuous partial attention and live an optimal productive life.

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Get Focused

Develop daily rituals, structure and accountability to block out distractions and focus on your highest-value work.

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Boost Creativity

Apply flow triggers to improve your attention span, elevate your creative process and launch new projects more rapidly.

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Learn Anywhere

Watch the video training modules and follow the action guides from anywhere on your smartphone or laptop using the latest mobile learning tools.

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Build New Habits

Apply the science of behavioral design to regain your attention and build keystone habits that help you consistently perform your best.

The Flow Experience Design Program

Follow the 8 parts of Flow Experience Design curriculum to follow a personalized productivity accountability system that makes you feel and perform your best.

About The Instructor


Kyle Pearce

Kyle Pearce is an experiential learning designer, futurist and digital education entrepreneurship specializing in accelerated learning and the psychology of flow.

He started the website DIY Genius in 2011 to advance self-directed learning by teaching the digital skills that make it possible to make a living doing work that you enjoy and give you the freedom to work anywhere.

He has enrolled over 10,000 students in his online programs from 65 countries since he began making online courses in 2013.

The Benefits Of Flow Experience Design

Strengthen your focus, plan out clear and concise long-term goals and then follow an action plan with tight feedback loops that make you accountable for achieving your goals.

You will design a flow-driven life in the next 60 days by applying flow triggers, which are structural pre-conditions for  focusing your mind and working more productively in uninterrupted states of flow.

Overcome today's 5 biggest productivity killers that cause anxiety and procrastination:

  1. Compulsive multitasking
  2. Context switching
  3. Overthinking
  4. Perfectionism
  5. Lack of energy

Develop a strong understanding of flow psychology and follow step-by-step guides for each of the 8 instructional modules to apply flow triggers in your daily rituals, workflow and learning routines.

The Flow Experience Design training program is designed to help you focus your mind on doing the right high-value activities so you can produce better results, waste less time and spend more time relaxing and recharging each week.

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  • 8 Modules of Flow Experience Design
  • Step-By-Step Action Guides
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Flow Design Experience

Get the full Flow Experience Design training program as well as additional weekly coaching accountability sessions.

The weekly coaching sessions will make you accountable for improving your focus and productivity so you can get maximum results from the program.

For additional support, you will get also get direct access to me through Signal Messenger, where we can quickly send voice clips back and forth.

Regardless of whether you continue with the monthly accountability coaching sessions, you will get access to everything in Flow Experience Design for a full year as well as receiving new trainings that I add regularly.

Get A Certification When You Complete The Flow Experience Design Program

Complete each of the weekly challenges to install new productivity habits in your life and get a certification in Flow Experience Design. 

Showcase that you are someone who can concentrate for long periods of time and stay motivated to achieve your long-term goals using the principles of behavioral design, flow psychology and gamification.

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Learn how to achieve a single-minded focus where you can learn faster, get more done and continually perform at your best.

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