The Flow State Method: How To Train Your Focus, Creativity And Self-Motivation

Learn how to prime your mind and body for a state of focused immersion in your most challenging activities.

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Thrive In This New World of Remote Work And Continuous Learning

Learn how to structure your work and prime your mind for the single-minded focus necessary to consistently get in the flow state.


Visualize your goals so you can prime your mind for a state of deep focus.


Breath in rhythm to energize your body and turn anxiety into excitement.


Discipline your mind with a single point of focus and surrender to the process.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce is an experiential learning designer, futurist and creativity educator who helps people harness the power of their creative gifts using the psychology of flow.

He started the website DIY Genius in 2011 to advance self-directed learning by teaching the digital skills that provide the freedom to learn and work anywhere.

He has enrolled over 10,000 students in his online programs from 65 countries since he began making online courses in 2013.

Why I Created This Flow State Method Training

For the last 7 years I've been teaching online courses based on the psychology of flow and the science of improving focus, creativity and self-motivation.

While there has been so much research into and writing about the flow state, most people struggle to create the necessary conditions to consistently achieve the flow state in their work.

I developed the Flow State Method to make the flow state more accessible with an easy-to-follow process for consistently getting into this powerful state of focused immersion in an activity.

It's a method for active meditation where you can train yourself to work with a single-point of focus, as practicing undivided attention is foundational for achieving the flow state.

Here's what we will be covering in this Flow State Method video training:

1. The Art of Focus, Creativity And Self-Motivation

2. The Flow State And The Psychology of Happiness

3. How To Use The 7-Step Flow State Method

4. The 4 Pillars of Consistent High Performance

5. Group Flow Accountability + Flow Cheatsheet

Learn The Flow State Method 

Learn how to work smarter in the flow state where you can consistently feel and perform your best.

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