Group Flow Leadership Training

Learn how to facilitate rapid personal growth through live webinars, mastermind groups and group coaching programs.

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Learn how to productize your expertise so you can teach it at scale by creating your own experiential learning methodology.

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Facilitate live group flow experiences that keep people engaged and participating in a group conversation around a shared purpose.

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Develop your leadership skills to coach people through their learning process so you can deliver a measurable return on investment for their time and money.

What Is Group Flow?

Group Flow is a collective state that occurs when a group is performing at the peak of its abilities.

Here's how psychologist Keith Sawyer, who did a lot of the research at the University of Chicago into group flow describes the experience:

"Group flow is not the same thing as the psychological state of flow. It depends on interaction among performers and it emerges from this process. This group can be in flow even when members are not; or the group might not even be in flow even when members are. The study of group flow thus requires a fundamentally social psychology and must proceed by examining the interactional dynamics among members during performance."

In our Group Flow Leadership Sessions, we explore the phenomenon of group flow and how to facilitate it through teaching, coaching and leading others in the process of personal development and collective transformation.

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Learn The 10 Principles of Grow Flow

Learn the different "triggers" for group flow, which are structural pre-conditions for facilitating human connection and uniting people around shared values and a mission.

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