Build A Location Independent Business

Make your first $5,000 teaching your expertise online in 90 days and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere and teach what you love.

Online Strategy Session

How Does The Social Creators Work?

Attract a wider audience around the world and make a bigger impact by using video storytelling and developing a lead generation system that allows you to grow faster using Google and Facebook Ads.

Do you have a burning desire to share your knowledge and expertise with the world?

Learn how to productize your expertise so you can teach it online through your own online courses and group coaching programs.

Social Creators is a 90-day online coaching program where I guide you through the process of learning to package your expertise in your own online programs and sell it to the right audience that can benefit from learning from you.

If you have a unique expertise and you want to make a living teaching and coaching it online then you will need to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, lead generation, and attracting a wider audience with your educational content.

Avoid the pitfalls that cause most people to fail in the online education industry and craft a winning sales and marketing strategy for your online business.

Commitment required: Weekly 1-hours scheduled calls plus at least 5 hours each week of your time to complete the assigned exercises and implement the strategies and tactics we discuss in the weekly coaching calls.

What You Will Learn In Social Creators:

1. Brand Storytelling Strategy

First, we plan out your online business strategy based on the Lean Canvas to identify your unique value proposition, your brand story positioning in the online advertising market, and the biggest pain point that you can solve for the ideal customer that you want to work with.

2. Website SEO Keyword Strategy

In the second week, we do a customer profile of what they are searching for to solve their problem. Then we develop a keyword strategy and a plan to optimize your website to appear in both Google's search listings and local map listings for your area.

3. The Buyer's Journey

Then we map out a relationship building "buyer's journey" to build trust and authority by creating a lead magnet (a cheatsheet, guide or mini-course)  to grab their attention and then a series of emails that educate them about how you relieve their pain and solve their problem with your product or service.

4. Crafting Your Irresistible Offer

Once the buyer's journey has been mapped out, we focus on crafting an irresistible offer using copywriting and sales psychology. We also create a conversion mechanism that can close the sale effectively along with a sales strategy with up-sells, down-sells, and a value ladder to maximize lifetime customer value.

5. Building Your Marketing Funnel

Next,  we work together to develop a targeting strategy based on the demographics and psychographics of your ideal customer so you can reach them where they spend their time online while minimizing your ad costs. We will build a 4-step relationship building marketing funnel so you can start runnings ads to test your assumptions and run mini-experiments to validate them.

6. Lead Generation Optimization

With your marketing funnel in place,  we go deeper into conversion optimization practices by setting up retargeting sequences, a referral system and lookalike audiences so you can grow your audience more rapidly and keep your marketing funnel filled with prospective customers.

7. Facebook Ad Strategy

We will develop a Facebook Ad targeting strategy based on the demographics and psychographics research into your ideal customer. You will learn how to test the different stages of your marketing funnel, how to optimize your campaign spending over time, and gain an understanding of the basic principles for successfully running Facebook Ads.

8. Google Ads Strategy

Google Ads is very effective because it allows you to advertise on any keyword search on Google and Google's Ad Network allows you to run contextual ads on many websites and most YouTube videos. We'll cover the principles of running successful ad campaigns on Google Ads.

Build A Location Independent Business

Make your first $5,000 teaching your expertise online in 90 days and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere and teach what you love. Book a 30-minute online strategy session with me to find out how.