Story Tribes Scholarship For Social Changemakers

Are you an activist, social entrepreneur or community builder who loves to help other people and make videos?

Apply for an scholarship to one of our Story Tribes Retreats.

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Why We Exist

Our mission is to empower a new generation that is disrupting traditional education, building stronger communities and reimagining learning to create new opportunities and build a 21st century culture.

Are you an aspiring social entrepreneur and video creator that is tight for cash but dreaming of turning your side hustle or community project into something much bigger?

No worries, we may have a scholarship that's perfect for you.

For each of our Story Tribes Retreats we give away one scholarship to a social changemakers who will take what they learn and return to their community to improve engagement and social connection.

You cover the flight and everything else is paid for by us.

Our scholarships include full access to the entire retreat experience including the 2-day ecotourism immersions and we're also going to cover all of your meals, coffee and accommodations.

If you're a social entrepreneur and changemakers on a tight budget and want to apply for a scholarship please complete our 20-minute scholarship assessment.

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