The Flow Masterclass: Double Your Focus And Productivity

Learn how to train your mind for single-minded focus and develop a productivity system ​​​​​​​to overcome your biggest mental obstacles and accomplish your most challenging goals.

Hosted by Kyle Pearce

Flow experience designer 
and digital skills educator.








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Why Attend This Flow Experience Design Masterclass?

Join me for a 1-hour masterclass on using Flow Psychology to create the structure, environment and mindset you need to consistently feel and perform your best.

Here's What You Will Learn In This Flow Experience Design Webinar:


1. Learn how to apply the latest research in neuroscience and flow psychology into optimal productivity and long-term fulfillment.

Learn the cutting edge research into optimal states of experience called flow states and the neuroscience of optimal brain functioning in today's hyper-connected, hyper-distracting and hyper-competitive world.

2. Improve your mindset by understanding the 3 pillars of self-motivation

Build the self-motivation you need to stay focused on your long-term goals and spend your time doing work that combines your passion, talents and the purpose you want to serve in your community by getting more clear about what intrinsically motivates you.

3. Learn the dynamics of creative flow and how to boost your creativity by mastering the inner game of overcoming mental obstacles.

Creative flow is a stream of consciousness-like state that can be consistently achieved through flow rituals that help you over create in a distraction-free creative state that enables you to go beyond the limitations of anxiety, perfectionism and your inner critic.

4. Learn how to design the optimal mental and physical environment for consistently feeling and perform your best.

Learn flow triggers, which are structural pre-conditions for overcoming the urge for multitasking, context switching and self- interruptions when doing challenging creative work.

5. Procrastinate less by identifying your procrastination triggers and developing a strategy to out-smart your inner critic.

Learn strategies for focusing your mind on your high-value challenging tasks and overcoming the procrastination urge so you can stay focused long enough to achieve states of flow.

6. Use social triggers to create structure and accountability you need to manage yourself.

If you work independently you must become of master of yourself by creating a personalized structure that works for your unique idiosyncrasies and social commitment to developing on your most challenging goals.

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Learn how to train your mind for single-minded focus and develop a productivity system ​​​​​​​to overcome mental obstacles and accomplish your most challenging goals.


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