The Flow Masterclass: Double Your Focus And Productivity

Heighten your focus and productivity by designing your own optimal experiences for learning, working and performing at your best.

Hosted by Kyle Pearce

Flow experience designer 
and digital skills educator.








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Find Your Focus

Zero in on the high-value activities that deliver the most impact and results from your time spent.

Boost Your Creativity

Explore how to trigger different states of consciousness that enhance insight, intuition and imagination.

Track Your Results

Learn how to maintain your focus and productivity with a measurable accountability system.

Why You Should Attend This 1-Hour Flow Experience Masterclass

This course is probably unlike any online training you've seen before. Learn how to train optimal states of experience with Flow Experience Design.

Don't pass on this great opportunity to transform your experience of learning, working and performing.

Flow can be a game changer for navigating this hyper-connected world where you have to manage your own time to be productive, constantly upgrade your skills and do deep work where you get into focused states of immersion in your daily activities.

Here is what I'm going to covering this 1-hour Flow Experience Design Masterclass:


1. The latest research in neuroscience and flow psychology for training focused and creative states of consciousness.

Learn about the cutting edge research into optimal states of functioning called flow states and the neuroscience of optimal brain activity in today's hyper-connected, hyper-distracting and hyper-competitive world.


2. Improve your growth mindset by understanding the 3 pillars of self-motivation

Build the self-motivation you need to stay focused on and to achieve your long-term goals. Learn how to combine your passion, talents and your mission in life to clearly express your personal story and the value you offer to others.

3. Master the dynamics of creative flow to overcome procrastination and your mental obstacles.

Creative flow is a stream of consciousness-like state that can be consistently achieved when you combine meaning and purpose to learn, work and play in a distraction-free creative state that allows you to access deeper subconscious capacities in your brain.


4. Start designing the optimal mental and digital environment for engineering flow states where you can consistently feel and perform your best.

Learn about applying flow triggers, which are structural pre-conditions for achieving flow and transcending your comfort zone into the mental zone of flow and optimal experience.

5. Apply social triggers to create structure, accountability and the social consequences needed to manage your performance and be your best.

Learn how to design an ideal learning and working environment and equip you to tackle your most challenging goals with a higher level of accountability.

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Start designing your own optimal experiences where you can consistently learn, work and perform at your best.


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