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What's Your Story?

Get confident telling your brand story, showcasing your expertise and documenting your entrepreneurial journey with video storytelling.

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Reach A Global Audience With Video

Do you want to attract a wider audience and make a bigger impact in the world by sharing your passion and expertise?

Harness the power of brand storytelling, which is using narrative to connect your brand to your customer's personal stories and the core values you share.

Our brand storytelling academy is for social media creators and creative leaders who want to raise consciousness, build stronger communities and teach their expertise.

In this digital age of endless noise and misinformation, being seen and heard by the right people requires developing mastery in the ancient art of storytelling.

A clearly defined brand story allows you to sell your products and ideas naturally.

Getting clear and concise about your brand story narrative makes it much easier to share your expertise in a memorable way through helpful educational content.

We designed this online learning program for the courageous ones who are willing to commit to overcoming their fear of what other people think and share their authentic truth with the world.

Follow a step-by-step brand storytelling process to get confident telling your story, sharing your expertise and documenting your journey along the way.

Develop clear and concise answers to important questions like this:

1. Who are you and why are you here?

2. What do you passionately believe needs to be changed in the world?

3. What makes what you different from everyone else?

4. How do you help other people improve their lives?

5. What core values are you willing to fight for?

Developing clear answers to important existential questions like this is the key to building a brand that matters to people.

The most successful ideas, movements and products of the Internet era are built upon the foundation of the clearly-defined core values and relentless storytelling consistency of their founders.

Whether it was Steve Jobs selling elegantly designed creative tools for rebels and misfits, Richard Branson sharing his stories of how purpose-driven business can change the world, or Elon Musk's grand vision of a post-Carbon renewable energy system — their mastery of brand storytelling was a crucial part of their success.

Storytelling is the most powerful tool you have to captivate people's attention in this age of information overload and attention deficit.

Even more importantly, it's the most powerful method ever invented to encode knowledge so it can be understood, remembered and spread.

If you have something special that the world needs, it's your duty to tell the story of the better future you can help create.

Join our Brand Storytelling Academy and start using brand-driven storytelling to attract a bigger social media tribe and make a bigger impact in people's lives.

Instructional Videos

Follow step-by-step video trainings to craft your brand story, create valuable content and measure your success.

Accountability Partner

Find a mentor to keep you accountable for sharing videos regularly and building your confidence with valuable feedback.

Content Frameworks

Follow step-by-step content development frameworks and growth hacking processes to build your audience.

Editable Worksheets

Follow editable digital workbooks that  guide you through the process of defining your brand story and structuring how you tell it.

Learn Anywhere

Learn the latest tools and tactics to  document your journey and share your stories and expertise through video storytelling.

Get Creative

Take action and apply what you learn by creating content and making videos quickly from your iPhone or Android.

The Brand Storytelling Curriculum

Our online curriculum will help you craft your brand story and get confident telling your story, sharing your expertise and documenting your journey with these 9 online learning modules:

1. Craft Your Distinctive Brand Story

Craft a distinctive brand story by following a step-by-step process to define your values, mission, vision statement and core message.

Get clear and concise about communicating the value that you create for your audience by developing your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

2. Understand Your Audience

Learn how to use design thinking to dfine your audience and develop a brand story narrative that speaks directly to their core values and needs.

Create customer avatars based around audience demographics and psychographics so you can share content that emotionally resonates with your audience and inspires them to follow you.

3. Solve The Right Problem

Many entrepreneurs and leaders fail to make a big impact because they try to solve too many problems. Focus is everything in a world of distraction.

Learn how to identify the problem that matters most to your audience so you can develop clarity around the nature of the problem, who you solve it for and what makes your solution different.

4. Create A Lean Business Plan

The best way to consistently grow and adapt in a fast-changing world is by thinking of your career and personal brand like a startup. 

Follow a step-by-step guide to use the Lean Canvas to craft a highly-focused and actionable 1-page business model for each of the skillsets or product/services you offer.

5. Develop Your Elevator Pitch

Get confident sharing your brand story in less than 30 seconds so that it grabs people's attention and communicates the unique value proposition behind what you do.

Avoid the pitfalls that cause many people to fail at selling simply because they try to sell before they have properly introduced themselves and build some rapport.  

6. Build A Website That Ranks Well On Google

Google is the new resume. When someone searches for your name, you want to demonstrate an online presence that passionately communicates your authority and expertise.

Start by building a conversion-focused Wordpress website and email list that allows you to communicate directly with your online audience.

7. Follow A Brand Script To Gain Clarity In Your Messaging

Not sure what to say on your website? Follow a proven brand script framework to communicate the value of what you offer with clarity.

This way you can effortlessly communicate a consistent message on your website that resonates with the right audience that will buy from you.

8. Get Comfortable Telling Your Story With Video Storytelling

Take your brand script to the next level by communicating your brand message and expertise through high-quality videos filmed with your iPhone or Android.

Get comfortable making videos to maximum your impact by crafting short, brand-driven stories tailored made for different social media platforms.

9. Grow Your Audience With Growth Hacking Techniques

Growth hacking focuses on finding smarter and low-cost alternatives to traditional broadcast marketing and advertising.

Learn how to apply growth hacking practices that involve social media, referrals, viral messaging and outsourcing content development and video editing.

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What's Your Story?

Get confident telling your brand story, showcasing your expertise and documenting your entrepreneurial journey with video storytelling.


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