Video Storytelling For Social Media: Make High-Quality Videos With Your Smartphone

Get confident making unscripted videos with high-quality audio and video using your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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Video Storytelling
Smartphone Video Setup

Build The Habit of Making Video Reguarly

Video storytelling is public speaking on steroids and the best way to reach a global audience with your expertise. Follow a 5-step goal framework to make video storytelling a regular habit that sticks in this short 1-hour online course.

Build A Foundation

Learn 7 essential guidelines for using your smartphone to make videos and the common pitfalls to avoid.

D.I.Y Video Setup

Make high-quality videos using inexpensive tools that will improve the lighting, sound and stabilization.

Mobile Filming Basics

Learn the basics of filming indoors and outdoors so you can make quality-looking videos.

Grow Your Audience

Get 10 creative video storytelling ideas to help you get started and find your storytelling flow.

Start Sharing Your Stories With Video

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