Flow Coach

Join our team as a Flow Coach and apply the Flow Experience Design methodology to help creative leaders transform their mental experience accelerate their growth.

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Work Anywhere

Work from anywhere but we require you work within the a schedule of North American time zones.

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Grow Your Career

Join a fast-growing startup and get to apply your skills and expertise in a dynamic creative position.

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Return On Investment

Everything we do is focused on ROI so you can get paid as much as you're willing to produce and grow.

What Is A Flow Coach?

Flow Coaching involves working with creative professional in our experiential learning community to plan their long-term flow strategies, stay accountable to their weekly goals and provide the support and coaching they need to overcome mental obstacles.

We are only looking to hire coaches that share our experiential learning by doing philosophy. To apply for this Flow Coach position you must have these important characteristics as a creative professional:

  • You are a fast self-directed learner who is highly curious, always learning new things and someone who reads books religiously.
  • You must be highly self-motivated with the flow skills to focus for long periods of time on challenging tasks and work productively under pressure.
  • You must have your own creative personal brand with a professional-looking website and a social media presence that demonstrates your passion for life.
  • Ideally, you have a healthy obsession with any of these disciplines: flow psychology, eastern philosophy, life coaching methodologies, business coaching, positive psychology, personal development and growth mindset.
  • You should have experience working as an online coach or as an important part of a completely remote team.
  • You should also be a disciplined meditator and passionate believer in mindfulness and exploring your consciousness.

If this sounds like you then please apply. Cultural fit and a flow-driven mindset is very important to us.

We only hire proven high performers who love to work independently and can hit performance target without supervision.

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Join our team as a Flow Coach and apply the Flow Experience Design methodology to help creative leaders transform their mental experience accelerate their growth.

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