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Join our next group flow program to train the single-minded deep work so you do your best work in the flow state while designing your life to have more energy and less stress.

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Find Your Focus In A World Of Distraction

Develop a results-oriented mindset, along with social accountability and daily rituals you need to consistently feel your best and perform at your highest level.

Overcome your mental obstacles by getting to the root of anxiety and procrastination so you can eliminate interruptions and get in a focused state of immersion when you're working and learning.

Follow an actionable roadmap for setting meaningful goals and develop a personalized action plan for overcoming your productivity obstacles and making your creative vision for your life a tangible reality in the next year.

Everything I teach in Flow Experience Design has been fine-tuned and optimized over the last 5 years to make it as simple as possible, yet highly effective.

All of the learning curriculum is based on my 5 years of teaching flow psychology through online training programs and 4 years of leading outdoor learning experiences based around group flow principles.

I have accumulated my knowledge of flow psychology and optimal performance through constant experimentation in following my own daily flow rituals and teaching what I have learned to thousands of students from 65 countries since I started teaching online in 2013.

Save yourself a lot of time and money by getting to the root of distraction and procrastination so you can use the psychology of optimal experience to live a creative life built on passion and purpose.

Follow my instructional video modules and step-by-step action guides to plan out your long-term creative vision and achieve major goals in the next 365 days.

Focus is the greatest superpower. Break free from continuous partial attention and design your ideal work-life balance by getting more done in much less time than other people.

Video Training

Follow step-by-step video training modules to how to apply flow psychology research to your life..

Action Guides

Get action guide workbooks for each activity and save your work in an easily accessible Notion account.

Learn Anywhere

Learn anywhere and easily access all of the videos, guided practices and action guides conveniently from any device.

Install New Habits

Install small habits in your daily routine to build the focus, confidence and momentum need to achieve your goals.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce

Kyle Pearce has been teaching meditation, flow psychology and self-directed learning for the last 5 years helping people learn more productively online and make a living from their creative talents.

Kyle is passionate about adventure travel, building online businesses, brand storytelling, practicing meditation and teaching flow psychology.

He splits his time between Canada and the tropics where he spends the winters hosting group flow experiences, studying regenerative ecology and learning from teachers from different philosophical traditions.

He has run DIY Genius since 2011, helping people to become self-directed learners, location independent and to educate themselves using Internet resources.

The Flow Experience Design Curriculum

Complete the 8 levels of the Flow Experience Design curriculum to develop the focused productivity and accountability system that enables you to consistently feel and perform your best.

 Week #1: Presence

Plan Out Your Work Schedule With The Structure And Accountability You Need For Consistent Flow

Plan out your week with the Flow Canvas and follow a simple method to prioritize your most important work, eliminate distractions and create more time for uninterrupted states of flow.

Get both my guided video and downloadable audio trainings for practicing the most effective techniques for visualization, breathwork and meditation so you can prime your mind and body for full immersion in your daily activities. 

What You Will Learn To Do:

Gain Clarity

Use the Flow Canvas to gain clarity for your week so you know exactly what to prioritize.

High Consequences

Achieve your biggest goal each week with tight feedback loops and accountability.

Flow Rituals

Use a 3-step habit design process to charge up in the morning and recharge in the evening.

Week #2: Mindset

Find The Intersections Between Your Passions And Talents To Identify The Best Meaningful And Challenging Activities That Foster Purpose

Follow a step-by-step process to identity your passion and how you can can combine them together. Then, identify you will talents and find creative ways to connect them with purpose-driven service to others.

Gain clarity about what your strengths and orient yourself toward the most meaningful and purpose-driven work that help you make a big impact while also feeling a strong sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in your life.

What You Will Learn To Do:

Passion Blueprint

Identify your biggest passion and how they align with your talents so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.

Strength and Weaknesses

Create a clear picture of what to focus on improving and what you should spend less time on.

Personal Story

Learn to articulate a more powerful narrative of what you do, why you do it and what makes you different.

 Week #3: Vision

Create A Visual Map Of A Long-Term Vision For Your Life So You Can Align Monthly, Yearly And Lifetime Goals

Create a visual map of your long-term goals and then align your yearly, monthly and weekly goals with that creative vision.

Gain clarity about what you should be working on, what shouldn't be doing and develop a daily productivity system to measure your progress and make yourself accountable.

What You Will Learn To Do:

Vision Mapping

Map out a long-term vision map of your goals for your career, relationships and health.

Yearly Goals

Set yearly goals that you can break down in small chunks and create monthly and weekly goals to achieve.

Flow Planner

Use the Flow Planner to quickly set your goals and break them down into bite-sized tasks with trackable milestones.

Week #4:

Follow A Proven Productivity To Focus Your And Systemically Eliminate, Delegate And Automate Tasks Outside Your "Zone of Genius"

Learn best practices for setting clear goals, creating tighter feedback loops and identifying your best activities for getting into flow based on the challenge/skill ratio.

Then, put it all together using game mechanics to make your work more fun, engaging and playful while also being able to track your progress and further improve your daily accountability.

What You Will Learn To Do:

Focus Your Time

Identify your highest value activities so you can eliminate, delegate and automate lower value tasks.


Create clear goals, feedback loops and rising challenge/skill level using game mechanics.

Productivity Accelerators

Get a library of the most tested and proven productivity hacks you can add to your work routine.

Week #5 Habits:

Grow The High Energy Rituals You Need To Consistently Feel And Perform Your Best

Learn how to use tiny habits, small wins and a habit accountability system to build habits that stick.

Build the 5 keystone habits for increasing your energy and focus: meditation, exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene and nature connection.

What You Will Learn To Do:

Biohacking Sleep

Learn how to calm your nervous system and literally shake off stress so you can sleep deeply and wake up rested.

Hacking Nutrition

Learn how to improve your nutrition and cooking skills while spending less time in kitchen.


Learn to cultivate awe by mindfully exploring the novelty, complexity and mysteries of nature.

Week #6 Learning:

Accelerated Your Lifelong Learning With Rapid Skill Acquisition And Project-Based Creative Education

Future proof your career by using the 7 principles of accelerated learning to rapidly learn and acquire new skills.

Build a digital portfolio that demonstrates your passion and expertise so you can better position yourself to thrive in your industry.

What You Will Learn To Do:

Optimal Learning

Understand your unique way of learning with the Kolb Learning Style Inventory 4.0 and use these insights to improve how you learn.

Accelerated Learning

Use project-based learning and demonstrate your knowledge using the best creative tools to build your digital portfolio.

Self-Directed Learning Plan

Make a self-directed learning plan with clear structure and accountability to accelerated your career growth and personal development.

Week #7 Creativity:

Explore Altered States of Consciousness And Train Immersive Alpha States And Dreamlike Theta States To Improve Creative Problem Solving

Learn how to train different states of consciousness that can free yourself from the limitations of linear, analytical thinking.

Learn how to prime your mind with visualization and meditation practices to harness the power of your subconscious processing so you can improve your creative problem solving skills and have more aha moments.

What You Will Learn To Do:

Design Thinking

Learn to better frame problems and create people-focused solutions that work in the real world.

Alpha States

Train alpha brainwave state for vastly improved brainstorming, idea generation and divergent thinking.

Theta States

Train theta brainwave states to intentionally use conscious dreaming to discover novel ideas and solutions.

Week #8 Group Flow:

Improve Your Creative Collaboration Skills And Learn To Skillfuly Hold Mindful Presence With People In Group Situations

Learn how to use the 10 principles of Group Flow to build a stronger community and collaborate more effectively on teams.

Take everything you've learned in the program and start applying it to share your expertise, build your creative leadership skills and start hosting your own events.

What You Will Learn To Do:

Psychological Safety

Learn how to use rythmnic breathing to entrain group presence to improve collaboration and psychological safety.

Mindful Circling

Improve your facilitation skills with conversation starters for catalyzing sharing, improvisation and vulnerability.

Social Triggers

Understand the key social triggers for becoming a better creative leader and engaging groups in more meaningful collaboration.

Weekly Flow Visualization, Breathwork And Meditation Training

Every two week of Flow Experience Design you will be introduced to a combined visualization, breathwork and meditation practice for training different meditative states of sensory immersion.

Each of the following week there will be a  review to make sure you're practicing them correctly.

You will learn the best practices for using breathwork for both charging up and recharging your mind and body and get downloaded guided audio tracks to listen offline as well.

Learn four advanced breathwork practices and how to use them to train your autonomic nervous system and track your progress with an inexpensive HRV monitor:

1. Inner Fire Meditation: Rapid breathing to charge up your mind and body for a state of focused high performance.

2. Inner Air Meditation: Slow and rhythmic breathing through the nose to improve the oxygenation of your cells while awake and sleeping.

3. Inner Water Meditation: Learn a trance breathing practice from Yoga Nidra that helps you completely calm the nervous system and enter dreamlike states of deep relaxation and conscious sleep.

4. Inner Earth Meditation: Embodied breathing you can use to quiet the mind and tune your senses into the natural world when practiced outdoors standing or sitting.

Additional Bonuses You Will Receive When You Join This Online Learning Experience

1. Biohacking Flow: Natural Increasing Your Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin And Endorphins

Learn the best practices, foods and supplements to naturally increase your most important neurotransmitters.

2. Digital Mindfulness Training: Reclaim 10-15 Hours A Week From Your Smartphone

If you want to free up more time to dedicate to deep learning and personal development, I'll show you a foolproof way to redirect time waste on addictive video games, social media and news websites to other activities where you can get far more value and fulfilment.

3. Flow State Music: How To Use Instrumental Music, Binaural Beats And Isochronic To Get More Flow 

Get my collection of the best instrumental music, rythmns and beats for inducing flow states, including an in-depth training on using binaural beats and isochronic tones to alter states of consciousness.

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Join The Next Flow Experience Design Group Program Enrolment Is Open Until Saturday, May 8th, 2021:









Transform The Way You Learn, Work And Create

Simplify your life by getting clear about what's most important to you and eliminating all the unnecessary work and distractions that devalues your time.

Commit yourself to doing your best work with single-minded focus so you can consistently feel and perform your best.

Follow step-by-step video training modules and action guides to apply the science of Flow Psychology to optimize the way you learn, work and perform.

Flow Experience Design


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