Flow Experience Design

Flow Experience Design is an experiential learning framework for designing optimal experiences for learning, working and play.

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Find Your Focus

Zero in on the high-value activities that drive the most impact and meaning from your time.

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Boost Your Creativity

Explore different states of consciousness that can enhance insight, intuition and imagination.

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Train Your Mind

Learn how to mentally train your focus and productivity with a measurable accountability system.

What Is A Flow State?

A Flow State is an optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform our best. It involves a spectrum of experience that flows from focused states of immersion in challenging activities and meaningful play.

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Watch The 1-Hour Flow Experience Design Masterclass

Learn the 8-steps of Flow Experience Design and each of the flow triggers for creating focused states of immersion when you are learning, working and playing.

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Flow Experience Design

The Flow Experience Design Framework

Flow Experience Design involves an 8-step process for personal transformation that is designed to give you more control of your attention and deeper enjoyment of your daily experience.

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Download Our Flow Psychology Guide

Learn more about Flow Psychology, which studies optimal states of consciousness and the psychology of high performers across a wide variety of disciplines. 

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