Flow Experience Design

Get to the root of the urges that cause distractions and gain the clarity and accountability you need to consistently perform your best in a  state of undivided flow.

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1. Flow Foundations

Learn the foundations of using flow psychology to structure your time and prime yourself with flow state meditation practices.

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2. Internal Triggers

Get to the root of the unconscious resistance that makes you feel stuck, overwhelmed and distracted.

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3. External Triggers 

Design your digital environment to create the optimal conditions for flow and start to eliminate your internal triggers that cause distraction.

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4. Growth Mindset

Get clear about your strengths and how you can best combine your passions and talents to craft your massive transformative purpose (MTP).

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5. Vision Mapping

Develop a creative vision for your life and gain clarify about your long-term goals so you know how your work each week aligns with them.

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6. Keystone Habits

Build the keystone habis that will help you emobdy your creative vision and have the time, energy and attention you need to perform your best.

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7. Accelerated Learning

Improve your self-directed learning process so you can remember better, creatively re-mix and share what you learning.

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8. Creative Productivity

Optimize your creative process to overcome resistance and get quickly experiment, share your work and get feedback from your community.

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9. Group Flow

Build your community by creating your own workshop and accountability community to help you consistently perform and ship.

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