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Are you an entrepreneur, coach or consultant that wants more leads and sales from social media?  It starts by developing your brand storytelling strategy.

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Differentiate yourself from your competitors by building a distinctive personal brand and using social media storytelling to create visual content that engages, educates and sells.

In today's reputation-based economy, you need to develop your personal brand because Google is the new background check and an online identity is essential if you want to stand out in today's reputation-based economy.

Social Creators teaches you how to develop your brand story and create a clear and concise offer that speaks directly to core problem you solve for your target audience. 

By sharing your story through social media storytelling your online audience will discover what you have to offer them and you can share creativity and passion in a way that makes your audience want to work with you and buy from you.

How does Social Creators work?

Learn personal branding, brand storytelling and social media marketing skills by following step-by-step video courses. Your Social Creators membership includes:

Video Lessons

Follow step-by-step video training to learn to market yourself and build your social media audience.

Facebook Group

Ask questions in our Facebook Group and share the videos you create to get feedback.

Content Frameworks

Follow content and growth frameworks to build your social media audience in less time.

Worksheets & Projects

Follow digital workbooks that give you a structured process to tell your story and build your personal brand.

Create Anywhere

Learn the tools how to make video storytelling a regular habit by filming, editing and sharing videos painlessly from your iPhone Android.

Get Visual

Master visual storytelling to create images and videos that get people's attention and hold onto it amidst the noisiness of social networks.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce has been promoting and launching startups, apps and online courses for almost ten years.

As a digital marketer he has worked on product launches for online education startups Udemy and Coursera, worked with social media influencers in the fitness industry that have millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook to monetize their audiences at Fitplan, and run social video marketing campaigns on YouTube for brands such as Dell, Toshiba, HP, ASUS and HP.

He runs an online learning community called DIY Genius where he teaches his students how to master the focus and discipline necessary to learn new skills online and develop their creative talents into purpose-driven careers.

Kyle is based in Vancouver, British Columbia but he spends the winter months abroad each year running nature immersion retreats abroad, earning his living online and teaching in co-working spaces and startup incubators around the world.

Here's What You Can Learn To Do In Social Creators:

1. Define Your Brand

Develop your distinctive brand by following a step-by-step process, first to define your core values, purpose and mission statement, then to communicate the specific value that you offer to your audience.

2. Find Your Tribe

Identify your target audience and their specific needs so that you can tailor your messages and cut through the noise in order to reach them where they spend their time online.

3. Create Your Own Website

Create your own professional-looking WordPress website by selecting from a library of artistic graphic themes to find one that matches the image you wish to create, saving the expense of hiring a web designer.

4. Tell Your Personal Story

Let people know who you really are and outline your professional background and expertise to start building trust and credibility with your online audience.

5. Design Eye-Catching Visuals

Learn how to use visual storytelling to capture attention on social networks and get people to follow you on visual platforms like Instagram and Facebook by selecting from templates of graphics.

6. Learn Video Storytelling

Learn how to use your iPhone or Android to record professional-looking and sounding videos. Start growing your social media following much more rapidly by creating fun and highly sharable videos using only your smartphone.

7. Streamline Your Social Media

Learn how to tailor your social media so that a single version fits across multiple platforms, simplifying production and maintenance. Concentrate on optimizing your single version, tracking what works best and not wasting time on content that doesn't build your audience.

"As a medical doctor who has decided to work independently, Social Creators helped me launch my website and his content frameworks helped me overcome my sense of overwhelm with the Internet so I can start sharing my expertise online."

Sema B.
M.D. and Detox Specialist

"I used Social Creators with my students and they immediately connected with the Hero's Journey. They felt empowered to share their own heroic narrative. I've also used it to connect with my own online story as an writer and teacher. Kyle lays out the fundamentals of sharing your story in a creative, accessible way that I can put to work immediately."

Seda U.
Online Teacher

"Kyle's personal branding process helped me turn the difficulties I've overcome in my life into my brand story. He helped me get clear and concise about what I offer to clients in my life coaching business, which has allowed me to attract more of exactly the clients I want to work with."

Erica S.
Life Coach

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