Find Your Focus In A World of Distraction  

Reclaim 5-10 hours a week from the rabbit hole of digital distractions and procrastination through peer accountability.

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Remote Work Is Hard, Don't Do It Alone

Loneliness. Relentless distraction. Information overload. Constant overwhelm. No peer group for support.

Let's face it remote work is challenging.

The lines between work and life can easily become so blurred that it starts to feel like you're not so much working from home but living at work.

We battle each day to focus on what matters and far too often we face these obstacles alone when working remotely. 

Research reveals that peer accountability is the ultimate driver of performance, not simply pushing yourself harder to hustle and be more disciplined.

The antidote to procrastination isn't better self-discipline but sharing your goals, clarifying your purpose and building meaningful connection through peer accountability.

We connect socially-conscious creators to share their goals, collaborate and hold each other accountable so they can consistently step beyond their comfort zone and into flow.

Download Our Flow Triggers Cheatsheet

Learn the basics of how to use Flow Psychology to improve your time, energy and attention management.

This free cheatsheet guide covers 10 "flow triggers", which are structural pre-conditions for getting into a flow state.

You can use these flow triggers to design your daily and weekly rituals to sustain your focus and concentration for longer by identifying and eliminating your distractions.

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How Our Group Flow Accountability System Works:

Create a clear plan, structure and accountability systems that free up your time, energy and attention to spend your best time focusing on what matters most to you.

How The Social Creators Community Works:

Here's how to the process that starts when you apply to join the Social Creators community.

Define Your Obstacles

Identify the internal and external triggers that are causing your distraction and how to overcome them on an initial 20-minute Flow Planning Session.

Plan Your Week

Join our weekly group pre-planning sessions on Sunday evening so you can make a game plan to beat your distractions and prioritize flow.

Find Your Flow

Create a daily rituals using flow visualization and mindful breathing to improve your focus and sustain your concentration for longer.

Peer Accountability

Get matched with 1:1 flow accountability buddy that will fit your schedule and who will help you start your day with a focused mind.

Virtual Coworking Sessions

Join virtual coworking sessions to help get things done without distraction and then celebrate each of your small wins.

Live Online Workshops

Participate in live online workshops to clarity your life's purpose and vision, craft your brand story and learn to sell your expertise.


Goodbye Procrastination,
Hello Flow

Learn how to apply the principles of Flow Psychology to improve your focus and productivity by decreasing distraction, overwhelm and burnout.

Book a free 20-minute Flow Strategy Session.


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