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Learn how to successfully market your own live events, webinars and online training programs. Start with a free training video series on how to develop, validate and market your big idea.

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What's Your Story?

To stand out in this age of social media and information overload, you need a clear and concise brand story that speaks to the needs of your audience.

What is Social Creators?

Social Creators is a 8-week online business bootcamp for "edupreneurs" who want to monetize their expertise and create a scalable online training program.

Video Training

Follow step-by-step video training courses that are delivered to you each week.

Facebook Group

Ask questions in our Facebook Group and share the content you create to get constructive feedback.

Group Coaching

Live weekly video coaching calls to help you overcome obstacles and support you in the  learning process.

Digital Worksheets

Follow worksheets that give you a structured process to tell your story and grow your brand.

Learn By Doing

Get creative by telling your story and sharing your expertise using videos filmed on your smartphone. 

Share Your Message

Share your message using eye-catching visual identity and a brand story that engages and captivates.

About The Instructor

My name is Kyle Pearce. For the last 6 years, I have been building my self-directed learning company DIY Genius and teaching online courses in meditation, flow psychology and brand storytelling.

Over the last decade, I have worked with small business owners to build and optimize their marketing funnels, venture capital-backed startups to scale their user acquisition, Instagram fitness influencers to monetize their social media audiences and big technology brands to educate their consumers through brand storytelling.

I also run ecological leadership retreats called Spirit Quest Adventures that combine ecology, flow psychology and meditation.

The Social Creators Curriculum

Follow a structured 8-week creative leadership program to build a scalable online training business and make a living doing work you enjoy.

1. Craft Your Brand Story

Develop your distinctive brand story by following a step-by-step process to define your core values, mission statement and how you solve a specific problem for your audience.

2. Build Your Social Media Tribe

Perform niche research to understand your target market and start creating valuable content that grabs their attention on the web and social media platforms where they spend their time.

3. Teach Your Expertise

Learn how to design and plan out your own online training program so you can share valuable content with your audience and validate your solution to their problem. 

4. Reveal Your Inner Storyteller

Learn how to use your iPhone or Android device to become a better storyteller and start recording professional-looking and sounding educational videos for your online program anywhere. 

5. Build Your Marketing Funnel

Learn how to develop a marketing funnel that automates your sales process by educating, building relationships and selling through email and chatbot sequences.

6. Launch A Live Workshop

Learn how to launch and promote your own live workshops and fill them with interested people by reaching your target market using Facebook Ads.

7. Launch A Webinar

Fine-tune your educational presentation based on what you learned at your live workshop and then schedule your first  webinar to launch in the final 8th week of the program.

8. Scale Your Online Business

Learn how to scale your sales with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords campaigns using lookalike audiences, client retargeting and web analytics suites to improve your marketing funnel.

Become A Creator

Watch my free video training series on how to develop, validate and market your big idea.