Build An Online Business Teaching Your Skills and Expertise From Anywhere

Build a location independent teaching business by learning how to plan, create and sell your own online courses, group coaching programs, and retreats.

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The #1 digital skill for developing your personal brand and growing your online business is getting comfortable with video storytelling.

You don't need and a bulky and expensive DSLR to document your experiences and tell your story. The best camera is the one you always have with you.

Learn the essential tools for better audio, stabilization, lighting and the essential video storytelling apps for your iPhone or Android device.

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The Future of Education Is Online

Join a new generation of edupreneurs who are disrupting traditional education by offering the mentorship, group coaching, and social accountability necessary for success in the 21st century digital economy.

Do you have a burning desire to share your knowledge and expertise with the world?

Social Creators is a professional development training program where you will learn everything you need to know to launch a successful online teaching business.

Learn how to productize your expertise so you can teach it online through your own online courses and group coaching programs.

Social Creators guides you through the process of mapping your online strategy, packaging your expertise digitally and create marketing automation systems to sell it to the right audience.

If you have a unique expertise and you want to make a living teaching and coaching it online then why not exit the rat race in the city and take advantage of the freedom the Internet provides to live, work and learn anywhere you choose.

Avoid the pitfalls that cause people to fail in the online education industry by learning from a digital educator and marketing automation expert with a decade of experience.

Follow a step-by-step roadmap that will save you months and possibly years of frustration so you can craft a digital marketing and sales strategy that allows you to delegrate and outsource tasks so you can focus your time where you can make the biggest impact.

About The Instructor

My name is Kyle Pearce and I have a decade of experience working with startup founders and business owners to craft brand storytelling strategies.

For the last 7 years, I have run a self-education website called DIY Genius teaching people how to develop the focus, creativity, and self-motivation to make living doing creative work they enjoy.

I have worked in digital marketing and online education since 2009. I’m a full stack marketer skilled in designing websites that convert, optimizing content for SEO, scaling brand campaigns using Google and Facebook Ads, online curriculum design, web analytics, and scalable marketing automation systems.

Here a few highlights of different websites, launches and digital campaigns that I’ve worked on:

  • Built DIY Genius into a successful online learning website that gets 2,500+ visitors a day through optimizing for targeted educational keywords on search engines.
  • Launched 10+ online courses and group coaching programs to my online audience and enrolled 10,000+ students from 65 countries.
  • Worked with the fitness startup Fitplan to plan out their digital marketing strategy and launch their app, which has been downloaded over a million times for iOS and Android.
  • Managed YouTube advertising campaigns for Dell, ASUS, Toshiba, HP, Staples, and TELUS while leading the digital strategy for Canada’s largest technology TV show GetConnected.
  • Worked on major affiliate marketing launch campaigns for 3 of the world’s leading education startups: Udemy, edX, and Coursera.
  • Led educational nature retreats around the world through my ecotourism organization Animist Ecology.

What You Will Learn In Social Creators:

1. Brand Storytelling Strategy

Craft your distinctive personal brand and develop a brand storytelling strategy with the right messaging to reach your target audience.

Get clear and concise about your core message, the specific problem you solve and the demographics and psychographics of your target audience so you can reach them and effectively capture their attention.

2. Create A Value Ladder

Learn how to price and sell your knowledge and expertise in a way that allows you build a successful online teaching business.

Create a value ladder with low-cost online courses, more costly group coaching programs, group retreats and higher ticket online mastermind programs.


3. Marketing Automation For Online Courses

Learn how to implement marketing automation to sell your online programs through lead magnets, automated webinars and email sequences that build a relationship with your potential students.

Save yourself a lot of headaches by properly implementing scalable marketing automation so you can actively test your ads and promotional content to see what's most effective at driving sales.

4. An Outsourcing and Delegation Strategy

Focus your time where you can create the most value with your particular expertise and develop a system to delegate and outsource the tasks that slow you down.

Implement a outsourcing system for specialized tasks like video editing of course videos, paying taxes for business, maximizing expenses and reductions, and getting skilled freelance professionals to do your graphic design.

5. Facilitate Online Mastermind Groups

Develop the skills and master the tools necessary to facilitate online mastermind groups and group coaching sessions.

Learn best practices for giving your students the structure, accountability and coaching support they need to implement and apply what they learn online.

6. Create A Minimum Viable Funnel

Learn how to develop, test and optimize a minimum viable marketing funnel so you can test your sales process before you launch new products.

Create a buyer's journey and a sales strategy that gives your prospects the right content at every stage of a marketing funnel from attention, to interest, desire, and conversion.

7. Scale Your Online Business With Ads

Develop an ad strategy and learn how to use the Facebook Ads to target your audience with the right messenging and Google Ads interfaces to advertise your products on the right content and keywords.

With most business owners struggle to get enough quality lead generation, learning how to utilize online advertising platforms is essential if you want to get consistent leads and scale your business.

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