Find Your Optimal State of Flow 

Learn how to use visualization, breathwork and meditation practices to prime your mind and body for a state of focused immersion in your most challenging activities.

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Digital Productivity Training For Remote Workers

Master the 3 most important skills that you need to thrive in the new world of remote work and lifelong learning.


Train your ability to hold a single point of focus and sustain your concentration for long periods of time.


Explore alpha and theta brainwave states that enhance your capacity for insight, intuition and imagination.


Gain clarity about how to combine your passions and talents so you can do your most meaningful, purpose-driven work.

What We Offer:

1. Flow Experience Design Training

Watch our free training on how to prime your mind and body for single-minded focus using visualization, breathwork, and meditation.

Discover how to create the structural pre-conditions and social accountability you need to consistently feel and perform your best.

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2. Weekly Kajabi Mastermind Group

Learn the best ways to fully implement Kajabi's advanced marketing automation figures so you can systematize your business, improve your customer experience and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Join our weekly strategy, coaching and accountability calls for online course creators building their businesses with Kajabi's marketing automation platform.


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3. Video Storytelling Challenge

Develop the habit of regularly making videos with your smartphone by taking our free 5-day video storytelling challenge.

Get confident telling your story anywhere by learning how to make professional-looking videos with your smartphone.

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