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What is Chatbot Marketing?

Chatbot marketing involves deploying automated messaging sequences in Facebook Messenger. Chatbots can educate your audience about your products and services through useful content like surveys, mini-courses, motivational challenges and instructional videos.

Why chatbots are the #1 new marketing channel:

Deploying a chatbot marketing funnel for your online business gives you a competitive edge on the latest innovative marketing channel for qualifying leads and growing sales from your website and social media.

Here's why Facebook Messenger chatbots are such a highly effective new marketing channel:

  1. Facebook Messenger has over 1.2 billion active users. Your audience already uses messaging apps much more than email every day. Your business needs to be part of that conversation.
  2. Chatbot marketing allows you to educate, build trust and sell to your customers in a more engaging way than email.
  3. Let’s face it, people don’t pay attention to email like they used to. Marketing chatbots get much higher open rates, click-through rates and higher engagement levels.
  4. You can set up a marketing chatbot sequence in a few hours while most email marketing funnels take weeks or months to test and implement.
  5. You can easily integrate your marketing chatbots with your website, Facebook Page and Facebook Ads campaigns in order to capture more leads and automate your sales process.

Take Our Facebook Messenger Chatbot Tutorial

Attract a wider audience, build relationships and sell using Facebook Messenger marketing chatbots.

Start The Chatbot Tutorial

What is Social Creators?

Social Creators is a 10-week online program where you grow your personal brand using the latest marketing automation platforms to increase your sales and scale your impact.

Video Courses

Follow step-by-step video training courses to market yourself and grow your social media brand.

Facebook Group

Ask questions in our Facebook Group and share the videos you create to get feedback.

Group Coaching

Weekly video chat calls to coach you through your obstacles and support you in the learning process.

Digital Worksheets

Follow digital workbooks that give you a structured process to tell your story and build your personal brand.

Become A Creator

Learn how to make social media storytelling a habit by filming, editing and sharing videos on your phone.

Visual Storytelling

Use eye-catching visuals to create images and videos that engage and captivate people's attention.

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce has 10 years of experience in digital marketing and has spent the last 6 years building his online education company DIY Genius sharing his passion for self-education and teaching online courses in meditation, flow psychology and digital marketing.

He helps entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants build their social media brands and automate their sales process with marketing funnels to consistently get more leads and sales.

Over the last decade, he has worked with small business owners to build and optimize their marketing funnels, venture capital-backed startups to scale their user acquisition, Instagram fitness influencers to monetize their social media audiences and big technology brands to educate their consumers through brand storytelling.

Kyle also runs an ecological awareness organization called Spirit Quest Adventures where he leads ecotourism adventures in Western Canada and nature retreats in Bali and Thailand in the winter.

The Social Creators Curriculum

Social Creators is a fast-paced 10-week creative leadership program for high-energy entrepreneurs who want to develop their personal brands and build a scalable online business.

1. Develop Your Personal Brand

Develop your distinctive brand by following a step-by-step process, first to define your core values, purpose and mission statement, then to communicate the specific value that you offer to your audience.

2. Build Your Social Tribe

Perform niche research to understand the psychology of your customer and then speak in a language that resonates with their inner struggles and inspires them to learn from you.

3. Optimize Your Website

Learn how to use conversion optimization tools to optimize your website sales. Learn how to deploy the latest marketing automation tools to attract a wider audience through educational sales funnels and the retargeting of prospects.

4. Develop Your Brand Storytelling Strategy

Learn how to create a brand storytelling strategy to reach your prospects where they spend their time online and empower them to spread your message on highly visual social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

5. Share Your Expertise

Design your own educational content and develop a value creation mindset focused on helping your market solve their problems. Then launch your first online mini-course in less than a week to validate your idea with a win-win.

6. Reveal Your Inner Storyteller

Learn how to use your iPhone or Android device to record professional-looking and sounding videos anywhere. Then learn how to use flow psychology to turn anxiety into excitement and train yourself to be more comfortable on video.

7. Build Your Marketing Funnel

Learn how to develop a profitable marketing funnel that automates your sales process by educating, building relationships and selling your niche market on your products and services through email.

8. Deploy A Chatbot Marketing Strategy

Integrate Facebook Messenger chatbots with your website and email marketing funnel so you can reach a wider audience and build a better connection through educational chatbots.

9. Scale Your Business With Online Ads

Discover how to build and measure Facebook Ads and Google Adwords campaigns using lookalike audiences, client retargeting and web analytics.

10. Reach A Global Market

Learn how to promote and sell out workshops, retreats and webinars using ads and affiliate partners. This way  you can access the global market and run a location independent business that gives you the freedom to live anywhere.

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