Sell Personal Transformation With Brand Storytelling

We help thought leaders build online coaching communities by crafting a compelling brand story that offers a clear path to personal transformation.

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Master The #1 Skill That AI Won’t Make Obsolete

The sense of human connection that comes from community is becoming more important than ever.

The single most important factor for mental health is belonging in a like-minded community of people that you know, like and trust.

While AI can replace a lot of copywriting, marketing, design and advertising skills — those who can cultivate, engage and grow passionate communities will never been replaced by AI.

Who wants to be in community with a bunch of robots?


Here’s our process for building a mission-driven community around a brand story:

1. Clarify your brand story

The first step to getting consistent leads from Google is to clarify your website’s brand messaging so it speaks directly to your ideal customer.

This starts with clarifying your brand story by refining answers to key questions such as who is our ideal customer, how do you solve their core problem, and what makes you different from the competition.

2. Develop your community strategy

With your ideal customer in mind, you want to understand the questions they are asking and the keywords they are searching for on Google and the groups they are participating in on Facebook around the core problem that you help them solve.

Developing a community strategy involves creating an acquisition strategy to consistently attract new members int your community.

3. Implement a content marketing system

A content marketing system involves implementing the processes and templates to build, delegate and succeed at scalable content distribution.

This will allow you to consistently deliver fresh content to your audience in the form of blog posts, educational videos, helpful tutorials, and regular email newsletters.

4. Refine your marketing funnel

A marketing funnel is a step-by-step process that helps to educate your prospects about the value of the products and services you offer.

By mapping out the process of your customer’s buyer journey you can easily implement the web analytics conversion tracking you need to measure and optimize each step of the process.

5. Grow your brand community

To key to customer loyalty and developing long-term customer relationships is to build a community of brand advocates.

This can involve a membership platform, incentives for getting reviews, and finding ways to recognize and reward your most loyal customers.

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