Learn today’s most in-demand social media and digital marketing skills.

Become a creative leader in your field by developing your personal brand and building your social media tribe through purpose-driven storytelling.

Craft an attention-grabbing
brand that spreads
by word-of-mouth

Social Creators is a membership academy that teaches you to craft your brand story and spread your message on social networks.

Become a social media influencer in your field by learning how to:

Tell your story in a way that will motivate your audience to share it.

Craft a distinctive brand story by defining your values, a mission and a compelling value proposition that highlights the problems you solve.

Differentiate yourself in your field and stand out from the crowd.

Develop your own visual storytelling style and create inspiring content that informs, educates and motivates people to follow you and take action.

Cultivate reciprocal relationships and
grow your social tribe.

Follow step-by-step techniques for cultivating reciprocal relationships with social influencers so you can collaborate and exchange ideas.

Who is this academy for?


Reach a larger audience by building your personal brand and educate your customers with video.


Raise awareness about the change you want to see in the world and grow a social media movement.


Build a distinctive personal brand by sharing informative content that showcase your skills and expertise.


Develop a side hustle that allows you to reach a bigger audience and share your creative works.


Video Creators Kit

Start making your own videos with our video creators toolkit. It shows you how to set up your own video studio and take professional-looking videos on-the-go using your smartphone.

It covers step-by-step how to do:


Make high quality video by using manual control so you can set auto-focus and auto-exposure.

Use natural lighting or find out how to set up an inexpensive video studio in your workspace.

Capture high quality interviews and videos on-the-go by choosing the best microphones for audio.


Edit videos using cloud-based video apps or outsource the editing to inexpensive online freelancers.

Learn how to use the rule of thirds and the six-shot pattern to make videos that look professional.

Discover the essential accessories to take great videos on your smartphone wherever you are.

Let’s get creative

All you need is a laptop and your smarthphone.

I’ll show you how to build memorable visual content and how to film professional-looking videos on-the-go using your iPhone or Android’s camera.

Kyle Pearce

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce has been promoting and launching startups, apps and online courses for almost ten years.

As a digital marketer he has worked on product launches for online education startups Udemy and Coursera, worked with social media influencers in the fitness industry that have millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook to monetize their audiences, and run social video marketing campaigns on YouTube for brands such as Dell, Toshiba, HP, ASUS and HP.

He runs an online learning community called DIY Genius where he teaches his students to master the focus and discipline to learn new skills online and how to develop their creative talents into purpose-driven businesses.

Kyle is based in Vancouver, British Columbia but he spends the winter months abroad each year as a digital nomad, earning his living online and teaching in co-working spaces and startup incubators around the world.


Start building your brand.

Download my free ebook:
Build A Personal Brand That Matters

This action guide will help you start building your social media and digital marketing skills so you can lead a more entrepreneurial career and craft a purpose-driven personal brand.

Social media blueprints.

Follow proven branding techniques, growth blueprints and content frameworks to build your audience.

Personal Branding Blueprint

Personal Brand Blueprint

A blueprint for turning your personal strengths, talents and passion
into a brand.

Identify Your Brand Tribe

Define your target audience and reach
them online with the right messaging
to get their attention.

DIY Visual Identity Kit

Craft an eye-catching brand identity
to create visual consistency across
social networks.

Brand Storytelling Framework

Follow a 7-step storytelling framework
for telling your brand story
clearly and concisely.

Instagram Storytellers

Learn the art of visual storytelling
using stimulating photos, catchy
captions and hashtags.

Facebook Storytellers

Engage your Facebook audience using images and video and expand your reach using inexpensive Facebook Ads.

Make things happen.

Start now to develop your distinctive brand and build your social media influence.

Join Social Creators and start following step-by-step video courses
to develop your brand story and build a social media audience you
can monetize by solving their problems.

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I used Social Creators with my students and they immediately connected with the Hero's Journey. They felt empowered to share their own heroic narrative. I've also used it to connect with my own online story as an writer and teacher. Kyle lays out the fundamentals of sharing your story in a creative, accessible way that I can put to work immediately.

05Seda U., Wordie FOB

Read our FAQ:

I'm still at square one with social media, will Social Creators be able to help me?

Yes, if you want to follow proven brand storytelling methods to grow and engage your audience then Social Creators will help you get started by giving you step-by-step processes to follow for establishing your brand.

It’s really important to get clear about your core values, mission and the unique brand promise you make to your audience. Without this solid foundation, it’s very easy to build a social media audience that follows you but won’t buy what you’re offering or spread your message.

I already have a big social media audience, how will Social Creators help me grow?

Social Creators can help you develop a more clear and consistent story of the value you can offer your audience so you can better monetize all the hard work you’ve put into building your audience. Follow guides to develop lead magnets and ad strategies to monetize your audience.

Why personal branding? I want to build a company.

The DNA of any successful startup or company is the vision of the founders. In the online world, people don’t want to deal with faceless or anonymous brands anymore. You need to be actively sharing your vision with your audience and telling your personal stories to move people to action. Startup founders today need to own their personal brands and put themselves out there to share their vision and spread their message.

Tell a story that spreads.

Start building your distinctive personal brand and grow your social media audience through visual storytelling.