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Build your social media tribe and grow your online audience by getting confident telling your story and sharing your talents and expertise with the world.

Social Creators is a digital storytelling program that helps you define your narrative and build your personal brand through educational content that inspires your audience.

With a clear and concise brand story for who you are, why do your work and what makes you different, you will be able to reach the right people and motivate them to take action.

Good brand storytelling technique is the most effective way to share advice and build a connection with other people but it's rarely ever taught in any school.

Yet, in this age pf mass attention deficit, the most successful careers and the biggest businesses of the 21st century will be built by entrepreneurs who live their truth and know how to tell a great story.

Legendary brands are always built on the personal brand-driven storytelling of their founders.

Whether it was Steve Jobs building tools for creative rebels at Apple, Richard Branson telling the story of how purpose-driven business can change the world at Virgin or Elon Musk's grand vision at Telsa of a post fossil fuel energy system, their use of storytelling was a crucial part of their success.

So, why not step up and start telling your story to a much bigger audience? If you're doing something meaningful and impactful in this world then defining your story is the key to helping others to spread the word.

Join us in Social Creators and start improving your story and telling it clearly and consistently by filming videos on your iPhone or Android device.

The time is now to get confident promoting yourself in a natural way with video storytelling practices that will attract a much wider audience.


What's Included With Your Monthly Social Creators Membership

Try out Social Creators risk free with a 14-day free trial to see if it's for you. Here's an overview of what's available in our online learning community.

Video Modules

Follow many hours of step-by-step video training courses to define your brand strategy, tactics and how you will measure success.

Facebook Group

Join the discussion in our Facebook Group and share the videos you are making in the course to build your courage and get feedback.

Content Frameworks

Follow step-by-step content frameworks and growth hacking processes to build your social media and online audience faster.

Digital Worksheets

Follow our digital workbooks that give you a structured process to define your story and structure your  video stories.

Create Anywhere

Learn how to use the essential creative apps and tools necessary to consistently document your experiences and share videos.

Get Visual

Learn anywhere and take action right away by making and sharing content directly from your iPhone or Android device.

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The #1 digital skill for developing your personal brand and growing your online business is getting comfortable with video storytelling.

You don't need and a bulky and expensive DSLR to document your experiences and tell your story. The best camera is the one you always have with you.

Learn the essential tools for better audio, stabilization, lighting and some video storytelling apps for getting starting making professional-looking videos with your iPhone or Android device.

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About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce has a decade of experience working with startup founders and small business owners to craft brand storytelling strategies.

For the last 7 years, he has run an online learning website called DIY Genius teaching students how to develop the consistent focus, creativity and self-discipline to make living doing creative work they enjoy.

He has worked in digital marketing and online education since 2009. He is a full stack marketer skilled in designing websites that convert, optimizing content for SEO, scaling brand campaigns using Google and Facebook Ads, designing online curriculum, using web analytics for conversion optimization, and building scalable marketing automation systems.

Here are a few highlights of different websites, launches and digital campaigns he has worked on:

  • Built DIY Genius into a successful online learning website that gets 2,500+ highly-targeted visitors a day through optimizing for targeted educational keywords on search engines.
  • Launched 10+ online courses and group coaching programs to his online audience and enrolled 10,000+ students from 65 countries.
  • Worked with the fitness startup Fitplan to plan out their digital marketing strategy and launch their app, which has been downloaded over a million times for iOS and Android.
  • Managed YouTube advertising campaigns for Dell, ASUS, Toshiba, HP, Staples, and TELUS while leading the digital strategy for Canada’s largest technology TV show GetConnected.
  • Worked on major affiliate marketing launch campaigns for 3 of the world’s leading online education startups: Udemy, edX, and Coursera.
  • Led educational nature retreats around the world through his ecotourism and rewilding organization Animist Ecology.

What Is Covered In Social Creators:

1. Developing Your Personal Brand Story

Craft a distinctive personal brand by following a step-by-step process to define your core values, creative vision and mission, Then get clear and concise about communicating the specific value that you create for your audience.

2. Understanding Your Audience's Core Values and Needs

Define the core audience you want to reach and study their demographics and psychographics so you can understand their inner frustrations and make educational content that speaks to directly to them on an emotional level.

3. Solving The Problem That Matters Most

Learn the crucial digital marketing process of creating audience avatars and designing buyer's personas that will resonate with a clear and concise unique value proposition that you have defined for your brand.

4. Thinking of Your Career Like Startup

The best way to grow and adapt in a fast-changing world is thinking of your career and personal brand like a startup. Follow a step-by-step guide to using The Lean Canvas to craft a highly-focused and actionable 1-page business model for each of the skillsets or services you offer.

5. Getting Clear And Concise About Your Elevator Pitch

Get confident sharing your story in less than 30 seconds in a manner that grabs people's attention. Avoid the pitfalls that most people make when they mistakenly start selling before they have properly introduced themselves or build a relationship.

6. Building A Website That Ranks Well On Google

Google is the new resume. When someone searches your name, you want to demonstrate an online presence that communicates your passion, creativity and authority. Start building a website and email list that allows you to communicate directly with your audience in a meaningful way.

7. Following A Brand Script For Your Website

Not sure what to say on your website? Follow a proven brand storytelling framework to get clear and concise about who you serve, what you offer, and why you are different so you can communicate a consistent message on your website that resonates with your target audience.

8. Developing Your Own Creative Brand Kit

Develop a consistent visual brand identity to create a distinctive look for the content you share on your website and social networks. Make your social media content stand out with an eye-catching logo, a consistent color scheme and good typography.

9. Getting Comfortable With Video Storytelling

Take your brand storytelling script and learn how to create high-quality videos with your iPhone or Android smartphone. Start getting comfortable making videos and structuring your videos for maximum impact and learn how to craft short branded video stories that are tailored made for different social media platforms.

10. Using Growth Hacking Practices To Grow Your Audience

Growth hacker focusses on finding smarter, low-cost alternatives to traditional broadcast marketing and advertising. This involves social media, referrals, viral marketing and creating system to simplify content development.

"The highest-paid person in the first half of this century will be the storyteller. All professionals, including advertisers, teachers, entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes and religious leaders, will be valued for their ability to create stories that will captivate their audiences."

— Rolf Jensen, director of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

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