Build Your Tribe and Spread Your Message

Social Creators is an 8-week creative leadership program that teaches you how to successfully create and sell out your own live events, webinars, and online training programs. 

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What's Your Unique Story?

To stand out in this age of declining attention and information overload, you need a clear and concise brand story that speaks directly to the needs of your audience. Watch this video to see why using social media effectively is essential to business today.

What is Social Creators?

Social Creators is a 8-week creative leaderships program for "edupreneurs" who want to better monetize their expertise and create a scalable online training program that sells.

Video Training

Follow a roadmap and watch step-by-step video training courses that are delivered to you each week.

Facebook Group

Ask questions in our Facebook Group and share the content you create to get constructive feedback.

Group Coaching

Live weekly video coaching calls to help you overcome obstacles and support you in the learning process.

Digital Worksheets

Follow worksheets that give you a structured process to tell your story and sell your training programs.

Learn By Doing

Get comfortable telling your story and sharing your expertise using videos filmed on your smartphone. 

Share Your Message

Share your message using eye-catching visual identity and a brand story that engages and captivates.

Get My Personal Branding Guide

Start designing your personal brand and learn to tell your story by creating your own website and developing your social media influence.

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About The Instructor

My name is Kyle Pearce. For the last 7 years, I have run a self-directed learning company called DIY Genius helping people educate themselves and make a living doing work they enjoy.

Over the last decade, I have worked with entrepreneurs to build and optimize their marketing funnels, venture capital-backed startups to scale their user acquisition, and fitness influencers to monetize their social media audiences with their online programs.

I also run ecological awareness organized called Animist leading nature retreats and outdoor adventures in the world's leading ecotourism destinations.

The Social Creators Roadmap

Follow an 8-week creative leadership roadmap to craft your brand story and "productize" your expertise into a scalable online training business that gives you the freedom to work anywhere.

1. Craft Your Brand Story

Develop a clear and concise brand story by following a step-by-step process to define your core values, craft an inspiring mission, and communicate how you solve a specific problem for your audience.

2. Build Your Social Media Tribe

Follow a niche research process to understand the struggles of your target market and craft a content strategy to create valuable resources that grab their attention and help them overcome their obstacles.

3. Teach Your Expertise

Learn how to design a product offering and learning blueprint that is focused on solving your student's problems and helping them achieve a specific outcome that they want.

4. Reveal Your Inner Storyteller

Learn how to use your smartphone to consistently share your story through video by recording professional-looking and sounding videos that educate your audience.

5. Build Your Marketing Funnel

Develop an automated marketing funnel that moves prospective customers along a buyer's journey by educating them, proving your competence, and selling a meaningful solution to their problem.

6. Launch Live Workshops

Learn my process for successfully launching and marketing your own live workshops or retreats, and filling them by reaching your target market using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

7. Launch A Webinar

Fine-tune your educational presentation and your training materials based on what you learned at your live workshop and then schedule your first scalable webinar to launch in the final week of the program.

8. Scale Your Offer

Learn how to fill your webinars with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads using lookalike audiences, client retargeting, and easy-to-use web analytics tools to optimize your marketing funnel.

Build Your Tribe, Spread Your Message

If you have a website and a social media presence that you want to successfully monetize by creating your own online training programs then I invite you to apply for a free 30-minute strategy call with me.