Build A Location Independent Online Coaching Business

Build an online coaching business that gives you the freedom live and work anywhere. Learn how to get consistent leads and sales with a predictable sales system that you can scale with ads.

Make A Living Teaching and Selling Your Expertise

If you're already making at least 4 figures a month and you want to scale to 5 figures a month then this online coaching program is designed for you.

Our Edupreneurs program involves 1-on-1 coaching where we help you plan and implement out a full-spectrum marketing strategy and strategic plan for growing your online business using brand storytelling, video marketing and social media ads.

If you would like to get more value from your time, we guide you through the strategic process of "productizing" your expertise through online training, group coaching programs, and annual retreats. 

If you're someone with a burning desire to share your passion and expertise with the world then we can want to help you scale your impact.

Avoid the pitfalls that cause over 90% of startups and coaches to fail in online business by getting strategic about developing a sales and marketing strategy based around your unique brand story.

Online business is one of the fastest growing in industries in the world but it's also one of the most competitive.

What's unique in this Edupreneurs program is we support you along each step of planning your strategy and implementing it.

If you would rather teach your expertise than sell it to a company or consulting client by the hour then this Edupreneurs mastermind program will help you scale your expertise and get much more value from your time.

The Location Independent Coaching Business Curriculum

Our Edupreneurs Mastermind is a 12-week coaching program for packaging and selling your expertise to a global audience.

1. Your Digital Education Platform

Set up your digital business platform so you can easily build and launch your own online programs and retreats on your website and take payments in different currencies and charge the necessary taxes. 

Learn how to structure your business to save yourself thousands of dollars a year while simplifying the administration and business tax payments (and write-offs) in your country of residence.

2. Brand Storytelling Strategy

Develop a brand storytelling strategy and a strategic content plan to implement it.

Get clear and concise about your brand story and your online business strategy so you can position yourself in the market and reach the right niche audience.

3. Creating Professional-Looking Videos

Learn best video storytelling practices for making online courses that engage your audience.

Get  comfortable making high-quality videos with your smartphone and DSLR. Learn techniques for making captivating videos, helpful screencasts, group coaching seminars and webinars.

4. Designing A Hero's Journey For Your Customers

Strategically plan your customer buyer's journey that empowers them to realize their aspirations and solve their problems with your products and epxertise.

Learn how to develop the necessary strategy and tactics to sell online at scale. Most importantly, learn how to plan out a pre-selling strategy for new programs and a value ladder so you can test your different assumptions.

5. Website SEO Keyword Strategy

From your buyer's journey we work together to design customer avatars and identify the specific pain points and obstacles that you can help them overcome.

From there you can study what they are searching for to solve their problem. From this data, we develop a keyword strategy to test keywords using Google Ads and start to optimize your website to appear in both Google's organic search listings and local map listings for your area.

6. Brand-Driven Relationship Building

Nobody takes out their credit card and buys online unless a relationship has been build by following the 4 essential building blocks of a successful brand-drven storytelling funnel: Relatability, Novelty, Fluency and Tension.

Your story is your brand. To build a marketing funnel and a predictable sales system we follow our Story Funnels framework to build a relationship through brand storytelling based on trust and authority.

7. Crafting An Attention Grabbing Offer

The next step of the coaching is on copywriting formulas that allow you to craft a clear and concise marketing message without being sales or marketing professional.

With the buyer's journey mapped out, you can focus on crafting an irresistible offer using copywriting and sales psychology. We also create a conversion mechanism that can close the sale effectively along with a sales strategy with up-sells and down-sells, and a value ladder to maximize lifetime customer value.

8. Building Your Minimum Viable Marketing Funnel

The next step is to build your minimum viable marketing funnel so you can start testing with your email list and contextual ads.

We will build a 4-step Story Funnels relationship building system so you can start testing your assumptions and run mini-experiments to find product-market fit and validate which ones are right.

9. Story Funnel Optimization

With your marketing funnel in place,  we will go deeper into improving your lead generation and sales process with conversion optimization practices.

We will set up retargeting sequences, a referral system and lookalike audiences so you can grow your audience more rapidly and keep your marketing funnel filled with prospective customers.

10. Facebook Ad Strategy

We will develop a long-term Facebook Ad targeting strategy based on the demographics and psychographics research into your ideal customer.

You will learn how to test the different stages of your marketing funnel, how to optimize your campaign spending over time, and gain an understanding of the basic principles for successfully running Facebook Ads.

11. Google Ads Strategy

Google Ads is often more effective because than Facebook Ads because it allows you to advertise on any keyword search on Google and Google's Ad Network allows you to run contextual ads on many websites and most YouTube videos.

Learn how to setup a Google Ads campaign and the process to follow to track your conversions and optimize the process to maximize the value of your ad spending.

12. Growth Hacking Strategies For Scaling Your Ads

With your Story Funnel marketing funnel and predictive sales system in place you'll learn growth strategies for scaling your ads through conversion optimization, retargeting and referral engines that maximize your ad spending and move people up your value ladder.

Develop important growth hacking skills that will help you grow your online business consistently over the long-term.

Build A Location Independent Online Coaching Business

Join our Edupreneurs mastermind for online coaches who want to design, build and optimize a predictable sales system for their website.